Breakout Sessions at NSAD Announced

Times for Irish Stammering Association’s breakout sessions at National Stammering Awareness Day on October 18th have been announced.


Breakout sessions will run throughout the day for parents and young people:

–          Parents’ Support Network with speech and language therapists (12.20 p.m.)

–          ISAYiT! drama project with Gaiety School of Acting for kids and teens who stammer (11 a.m.)

–          Teenage talk session (2.40 p.m.)


The theme for the National Stammering Awareness Day is “We speak with one voice!”  The day will feature over a dozen speakers from Ireland, UK, USA, and Sweden talking about their experiences of stammering and giving support and useful ideas on how people can reduce the negative impact that stammering can have.


Irish Stammering Association Chairman Veronica Lynch says “National Stammering Awareness Day provides an opportunity to meet other people who stammer, hear and share experiences and learn that stammering does not have to hold you back.  You may have never done anything about stammering before, but it’s never too late or too early to start.”


National Stammering Awareness day is free to attend and all are welcome… people who stutter, family members, friends, and professionals who work with stuttering.


A full schedule can be found on later this week.


‘We speak with one voice’ : National Stammering Awareness Day 2014


Jury’s Inn Customs House, Customs House Quay, Dublin 1

10 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Saturday 18th of October 2014

National Stammering Awareness Day 2014

This year’s National Stammering Awareness Day (NSAD) will take place in the Jury’s lnn Custom House. Custom House Quay, Dublin on Saturday 18th October.


The 2014 National Stammering Awareness Day will be in its 8th year and once again it is being kindly sponsored by ‘Speak Soon Communications’.


Irish Stammering Association and Irish McGuire Programme also provide financial support to the event.


“We speak with one voice!” is this year’s theme. This is a great opportunity for all who are interested in stammering to attend and get involved.  Family & friends are very welcome.


There will be a range of speakers throughout the day including people who stutter and professionals who work in the field including speech and language therapists.


The day will also feature a breakout session for parents and an ISAYiT! drama group for young people who stutter facilitated by the Gaiety School of Acting.


Once again, there will be a group running for young people and teenagers to meet and talk about stammering.


The day starts at 10 a.m. and runs until 4.30 p.m. Admission is free; refreshments will be served.

For the official NSAD website go to

ISA statement re SSNO funding scheme

Irish Stammering Association (ISA) welcomes Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Alan Kelly TD’s decision to restore funding through the SSNO scheme. ISA also welcomes a review of the scheme that will help find a more long-term sustainable solution to funding core costs of organisations delivering front line services in the health and disability sector.

Irish Stammering Association is the only national organisation representing people who stammer and their families and supporting professionals working in the field. Stammering is a hidden disability. Like many other communication disabilities, the level of disadvantage is not always apparent and often immeasurable. Stammering can lead to disadvantage through limiting access to social interaction, education and training and vocational opportunities. ISA aims to limit the impact of exclusion through offering non-therapeutic supports to the community connected by stammering. Worldwide research points to improved quality of life and reduced disadvantage through involvement with agencies like ISA.

Withdrawal of core funding means that ISA would not be able to retain two part-time staff and would pose a threat to the provision of services such as monthly Skype group for teenagers who stammer, ISAYiT! children’s drama project for young people who stammer, involvement in National Stammering Awareness Day, Irish Stammering Association Annual Conference, Leadership Skills Project for women who stammer, Phone support group for women who stammer, as well as compiling online and printed resources for parents of children who stammer and maintenance of our website.

ISAYiT! Summer Camp a Great Success

ISAYiT! Summer Camp has been running in Dublin this week for young people who stutter.

We developed characters from objects, building these into a story involving legendary artist Matilda Treebody. You can see some of her amazing work in the photos!

Fear, happiness and revenge ere themes to draw on in the workshop sessions and gave rise to some exciting and intriguing dialogues between our young actors.

The youngsters added music to the scenes and put on an award winning performance to much applause from the audience.

Confidence was boosted, speaking, listening, acting and communication skills were all developed, as well as a healthy sense of fun and friendship… what was it like to meet other kids who stutter…? “Fantastic” was the reply from one of the ISAYiT! crew.

Special thanks to the Gaiety School of Acting for facilitating ISAYiT!

We’ll be running another one-day workshop this Autumn.

If you’d like to get involved, drop us a line…

ISAYiT! Summer Camp 2014

ISAYiT! Summer Camp 2014
ISAYiT! Summer Camp 2014

Announcing the Irish Stammering Association summer drama camp in
Dublin for young people who stammer between ages 8 to 17 years.

ISAYiT! camp takes place from 7th to 11th July from 10am to 2pm each
day and will be held in Temple Bar. There will be games, activities,
drama, people to meet and lots of fun, of course.

Cost is €100 for week. Text or call Veronica & Aisling on 086 0736328 for more information or to book a place.

ISAYiT! drama camps offer young people who stammer an opportunity to
express themselves creatively among a group of their peers in an
environment where they will not be judged by how they speak.

Feedback from children and parents from previous groups has been very
positive.  From ISAYiT! participants…

“I can be myself”
“I was able to talk in front of an audience”
“Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect”
“I had a great time and met lots of new friends”

Parents said, my child learned…

“that she can do things and not to assume she can’t”
“to take risks and relax”
“that he’s not the only one and he’s more confident in himself”

Team ISA at the Women’s Mini Marathon

mini-marathonCongratulations to Team ISA, Suzanne, Bevin and Veronica who completed the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon on Monday 2nd June in style.

Special mention for Suzanne who, on her first time to take part, completed it in an amazing time of  1h 7 minutes. Well done to all!

You can still show your support by donating any amount small or large by sending us in a cheque or postal order or using the donate button on our site

Women’s Leadership Project

Irish Stammering Association are running a new initiative; The Women’s Leadership Project.

As well as meeting other women who stutter during the workshops, women will have the opportunity to build their confidence and abilities and identify how they can develop into positive role models for female stuttering population.

The project will be in two parts, there will be a one day workshop and then a follow up a number of weeks later. This follow up will be tailored to the individual and can range from a follow up phone call or a group Skype call to an individual coaching session.

The workshop will take place in Dublin on Friday 13th June between 10 am and 4 pm

Numbers are limited and the max number of places is 8.

As well as meeting other women who stutter during the workshops women will have the opportunity to build their confidence and abilities and identify how they can develop into positive role models for female stuttering population.

It is anticipated that  during the workshop women will  :

  • identify their own leadership strengths
  • view themselves positively
  • improve self image and learn new skills
  • identify skills to provide leadership, mentoring and positive role-modelling for younger women.

Women need to be members of ISA or to join immediately.

For more information, email or call Veronica on 086 0736328 to get more information.

ISAYiT! Workshop

ISAYiT! Workshop
The kids at the ISAYiT! workshop, with Kate (
back left) drama tutor from Gaiety School of Acting and Aisling ( back right) from ISA

ISAYiT! ( Irish Stammering Association Youth international Theatre!) held  a workshop on Sunday 25th May. By all accounts the day was full of games, shouting, movement, improvisation and general mayhem. The youngsters look like they had fun in this photo. With thanks to Kate (back left) drama tutor from Gaiety School of Acting and Aisling ( back right) from ISA.
Look out for details of our week long summer camp starting 7th July in conjunction with Gaiety School of acting. Open to young people who stammer between the ages of 8 and 17

10K for ISA

Team ISA are taking part in this weekend’s Flora Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin.

Suzanne, Bevin and Veronica will be braving the elements on Monday 2nd June to raise funds for Irish Stammering Association.

You can support Team ISA by sending in a cheque, postal order or donating online.

Give them a cheer as they fly by!



Caint Gan Eagla – Conference Day 2014 – Talk Without Fear

ISA is pleased to announce details of Conference Day 2014 for everyone connected by stammering including adults who stammer, young people who stammer, and parents of those who stammer.

Our day ‘caint gan eagla’ meaning ‘talk without fear’. is a reminder that no one needs to fear speaking – including those who stammer.

You’ll have the opportunity to listen to some great speakers and to meet other people who stammer. There will be facilitated sessions for adults who stammer, young people, and a group for parents too.

ISA AGM will take place in the afternoon too.

Agenda for the Day:

09:30 Registration

10:00 ISA Chairperson’s address: Veronica Lynch

10:30 Men’s Phone Group

10:40 Video

10:50 Icebreaker (Icemelter?!) session.

11:10 Tips for teachers and parents: Callum Wells

11:30 Tea and Coffee

11:50 Women’s Leadership Launch

12:10 International Communication Project 2014

12:30 Lunch

13:15 Breakout sessions

 • Support groups for adults (facilitated by ISA group leaders)

• ISAYiT! drama introduction for young people who stutter facilitated by Gaiety School of Acting

• Parents’ Support Network (Callum Wells and Aisling Keogh, SLTs)

14:45 Talk without fear: Pamela Mertz via Skype.

15:15 Closing session

15:30 ISA Annual General Meeting

16:00 Close

Venue: Hilton Kilmainham Hotel, Inchicore Road, Dublin 8 (see map)

Date: Saturday 26th April 2014

Time: 9.30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Cost: FREE to ISA members (€20 to join ISA for the year)

Car parking: Car parking is available at the Hilton Kilmainaham.  The first 1.5hr
is complimentary and €3 per hour thereafter or €7 per day; delegates
will pay their own accounts

Looking forward to seeing you there!

For more details drop us a line: