About ISA

We are a charitable organisation providing information and support to people who stammer in Ireland. Stuttering, as it is also known, affects people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Parents, partners, friends and family can also be affected by stammering. Please take some time to explore our site.

Feel free to contact us if you would like further information on our activities or just for a chat.

Our Vision, Mission and Values


Irish Stammering Association is the voice of a community connected by stammering in an inclusive society that understands and accepts stammering.


Irish Stammering Association as the nationally recognised organisation for people affected by stammering is committed to:

– building and developing the stammering community

– being the trusted source of reliable information

– raising awareness and influencing policy.


Non-judgemental – ISA fosters a spirit of respect and understanding of stammering amongst all the people we meet and work with

Person-centred – ISA places the needs of the person affected by stammering at the centre of our work and delivers support to the community connected by stammering in a caring and positive manner

Accountable – ISA is accountable to the community connected by stammering and conducts the business of the organisation in an effective, non-discriminatory, transparent and equitable manner

Inclusive – ISA actively works with the community connected by stammering

Empowering – ISA believes in empowering the community connected by stammering

Trustworthy – ISA is a trustworthy and trusted organisation

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