Therapy Options

  • The Health Service Executive (HSE) provides speech and language therapy for people who stammer, depending on where they live. Therapy for children is available from your Local Health Office within the HSE. Adult services may also be available in some areas.
  • Although most areas have waiting lists, stammering is often prioritised. Therapy can be administered on an individual basis or within a group. The sooner a child is referred for speech and language therapy, the prognosis for success is greater.
  • You can find contact details for local HSE services by clicking here

    You can also contact for a list of speech and language therapists who practice privately.

  • In the first instance Irish Stammering Association recommends that you make contact with a local Speech and language therapist (SLT) in your HSE Local Health Office. As noted above, waiting lists vary in different areas and speaking to your local SLT will give you an indication of when you may be seen for therapy, waiting times may be minimal.
  • It is also important to make contact with local services so that HSE is aware of a need for therapy. Making contact and requesting therapy leads to a stronger case for improved services throughout the country. It may be difficult to speak up for stammering, but more voices talking about it will give strength to people who stammer of all ages.

Some points to note