Here are some links that you may find useful and interesting

British Stammering Association page on therapy and alternatives; a useful guide. also list stammering related events and approaches to stammering therapy from time to time.   You can talk to people about what they find useful.

Transcending Stuttering: The Inside Story is an intimate journey into the lives of seven people who stutter

Stuttering for kids by kids


Our friends over the sea…


The British Stammering Association

The Stuttering Foundation of America

The National Stuttering Association

The Stuttering Homepage – hosting an online conference every October to coincide with International Stuttering Awareness Day.

The Michael Palin Centre (The Association For Research Into Stammering In Childhood)

European League of Stuttering Associations

Irish McGuire Programme –

Michael O’Shea – Author of Why I called my sister Harry  –

Diary of a Stutterer –

National Stammering Awareness Day –