Online Support Groups

ISA are moving our support groups online. Our next group will take place on Tuesday April 7th from 7.00 – 8.00pm by Zoom conference call. Please register your interest in participating in this or future online groups by contacting 

Please note that you will need a laptop with internet access and a microphone to take part.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you need advice or support.

Working from home?

On Saturday 4th April at 12.30pm the ISA Employment Support Clinic will hold a remote workshop on working from home. Among the topics discussed will be how to maintain productivity and how to achieve work / life balance while working from home. To raise any issues you’d like discussed and to register a place please contact

Registration closes at 6.00pm on Friday 3rd April.

A study on the self-disclosure of stammering in Northern Ireland

A postgraduate student at Queen’s University Belfast invites you to take part in his study on the self-disclosure of stammering.


Andrew Patterson, a postgraduate student from Queen’s University Belfast, is carrying out research into the experiences of stammerers who disclose to others that they have a stammer. This includes why, how, when and to whom a stammerer makes such a disclosure and the impact upon them of having done so.


Andrew is looking for adults (18 years or over), with all levels of stammering severity, in Northern Ireland, who have on more than one occasion disclosed their stammer to someone else or who are open about their stammering to others.


If you would like to support the research, you will be asked to meet with Andrew in strict confidence to take part in an informal interview regarding your experiences. He will use what you tell him in to create a dissertation that will add to the body of knowledge regarding stammering in general.


To take part, or if you have any questions, please email Andrew at

You may also contact his supervisor, Dr. John Karamichas, at