Meet the Board

David Heney

is the Chair of ISA and Company Secretary. He has been on the Board of the ISA for the past couple of years and also facilitates the Dublin Support Group. David has a stammer since he was a child and works as a civil servant in Dublin.

Ian Hickey

is a person who stammers and is a director of the Irish Stammering Association. He is an active member of the stammering communities in both Britain and Ireland and has a particular focus on improving services for young adults who stammer, as he feels that this is the time of life where stammering poses the greatest challenge.

Triona Lanigan

has been a board member of the ISA since April 2014. Triona is a registered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland and currently works with the HSE National Counselling Service providing psychological therapies and interventions. Triona conducted research focusing on the psychological aspects of stammering as part of her doctoral degree in counselling psychology at Trinity College Dublin. While acknowledging that the experience of stammering is very unique to each individual, Triona believes that the key to coping with stammering is self-acceptance, self-compassion and openness as a person who stammers rather than chasing a goal of fluent speech. Triona has presented on topics relating to the psychological impact of stammering at a number of ISA conference days. Triona’s responsibilities on the board include implementation of the ISA child protection policy and the ISA equality policy. Triona also has responsibility for the management of the membership database and ensuring that it is compliant with the ISA data protection policy.

Sarah McCormack

has been facilitating the ISA Women’s Support Phone Group for several years, and is a Director on the ISA Board. Sarah did a thesis on Emotional Support in Stammering for her MSc in Health Psychology, and has written articles in relation to the role of support for ISA and the BSA newsletters. She recently completed a University Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Studies.

Callum Wells

lives in Dublin and works as a speech and language therapist in child and adolescent mental health services. Callum has stammered since childhood, although its impact on him has significantly reduced over the years, due in no small part to his involvement in the stammering community. As a board member of the Irish Stammering Association, he has an interest in developing support networks and providing education and information on stammering.

Nora Trench Bowles

joined the Board of the Irish Stammering Association in June 2017 and is now Vice Chair. She has been a person who stammers for as long as she can remember – and, with time, has come a long way in becoming more comfortable, compassionate and open with this as an integral part of who she is. Nora is particularly interested in the work of the ISA in raising awareness to help people who stammer and those around them better understanding and accept stammering. Nora now works in the higher education sector back in Dublin, having previously studied and worked in EU affairs in Brussels, Strasbourg and Sweden.